EU Funding

Welcome to the EU Contact Point for Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions

Competent help with EU funding applications

As partners of the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME e.V.) in the KOINNO project, ZENIT GmbH and the DLR Project Management Agency are at your disposal with first-hand information and advice. The EU Contact Point tells you what funding opportunities there are and helps potential applicants to develop and submit project proposals.

Once an application is successful, German partners in EU projects can also make use of project management services.

Why innovation-oriented public procurement?

The potential demand generated through innovation-oriented public procurement is very high. Annual public procurement expenditure in the European Union amounts to about 17-19 % of GDP. At an estimated € 350 billion, the corresponding ratio for Germany is slightly lower at around 10-15 %.

If it were possible to harness just one percent of the total procurement volume for new products and/or services, this would stimulate innovation in Germany to the tune of € 3 billion. That’s more than the national and regional governments make available to enterprises each year for research and development (about € 2.1 billion).

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