Veranstaltung 16.09.2021

European Cases of Innovation Procurement – examples of the different procurement steps

  • 16.09.2021
    14:00 bis 15:00

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Four European innovation experts will present their public procurement on Innovation projects, focusing on different aspects of innovation procurement.

  • The Swedish example, focusing on the assessment phase, talks about the adoption of AI by placing healthcare in the driver's seat and using innovation procurement as a strategic tool.
  • The Austrian presentation, highlighting the usefulness of testing prior to implementing solutions. The use case presented will be about Photovoltaic systems in noise barriers and how they hope to find the ideal solution(s) for different use cases through a test installation.
  • The Finnish case will focus on digitalization, using the example of a city library and the implementation of digital solutions.
  • The German expert will focus on the supplier perspective during a public procurement on innovation.

The whole agenda and posibility for registration can be found here.


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